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What we can do

No matter what you need cutting we can do it, from a simple circle cut from perspex to the layout model of a new office block

we can cut 2mm to 10mm acrylic, 0.8mm to 9mm Wood, Ply, MDF, HDF, Laminated materials (varies from wood to wood).

No matter what you need engraving we can do it as long as it is under 1200mm x 900mm and is a flat surface under 200mm high.

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Here you will find some idea, shapes, designs and FREE graphics to help with your project


You don't need to give us any of your personal information, not even an email address to get a quote

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Choose the material you need to be cut, choose the size of the material that best suites your project, then the thickness, and lastly is the colour. That's the cutting sorted, fill in as necessary now click add to cart and you will be given a price, if the price is right click on checkout, if not discard.

Example clock on left

Material Acrylic, Material 20cm x 26cm, Thickness 3mm, Colour black, No engraving ** Total price = £12.00 (Excluding movement).

Example Left

Architects model cut and supplied as 104 pieces from multiple materials including Styrene (2mm, 3mm, 5mm) Acrylic (4 0.5mm, 1mm 3mm 5mm) Laminated ply (2.5mm, 4mm) Both engraved, Solid lime (3mm, 4mm) MDF 6mm Over all size would be 450mm X 565mm X 34mm High cost under £300

What we need from you to cut your project


1 to 1 Drawings in any of the following formats JPG,PNG, PLT, DST, DXF, CDR, DSB, MNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, RAS, RAW

A second copy in JPG/BMP/TIF with an example of size of each piece. See examples HERE